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Making the most of 2024

A Free Webinar to help you create more of what makes you happy.

Make 2024 work for you!

January is coming to an end. The trial period for 2024 is over – and if you are like 80% of us, come January 31st the intentions you set for this year will be falling off a cliff.

(Don’t blame me, Time said it)


Mostly, because we set our intention to be “be better” but, have you paused to reflect what “be better” means to you?

Why focusing on what matters to me?

Make your intentions work for you:

How many times have you added these to your New year wish list:

  • Go to the gym

  • Learn languages

  • Start a diet

Only to realise:

  • You are more of an outdoorsy, independent being. So really, what you’d enjoy more is going on long walks with your friends.

  • You enjoy far more reading a good book that transports you to different worlds, so joining a book club would be more up your street.

  • Dieting makes you grumpy and anxious, you enjoy eating and really what you want to do is learn what foods work for you, how to prepare more nutritious meals and combine nutrients to achieve optimal results.


See? It’s not a one size fits all! And when you write down those things on your list which are not aligning with yourself and / or your lifestyle, you fail to accomplish them.


And I can help with that.


Knowing what makes you happy, feels you with energy and motivates you is the key to setting your intentions purposefully, so that you can achieve them.


What the workshop is about:


My work is based on principles from Neuroscience of Change, Positive Psychology and the Science of Wellbeing, and all my programmes are expertly designed based on principles of how people learn best:  a mix of practical exercises and educating to benefit all learning styles.

Which means, you’ll go through a combination of science-backed learning with down-to-earth exploratory exercises to help you understand and experience how to work best with your brain and body to efficiently impact your behaviours and increase your motivation and energy.


You see? most of us go through life on autopilot, doing what we "must" do, but not necessarily what we want to do... Learning who you truly are, what energises you, fills you with energy and motivation will help you take the steps needed in order to create a life you're excited to live.

In this webinar you'll learn

Distance Learning

Get to know that wonderful self a bit better so that you can create a healthier, happier living.

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