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I began my career in 2002, in marketing. Working the corporate ladder holding positions with Global footprint, managing teams around the world, setting strategies for some of the most wonderful movies in Entertainment.

Until, in 2015, pregnant with my first child, I realised I wanted, I needed something else from life. 

I began working with my first coach, took my first coaching course and fast forward to now, I have learnt what my superpowers are and how to use them to create a life I love living. 

I’ve got a zest for life, and when those few years ago, I realised I no longer had it, I felt off. Stuck, lost and overwhelmed. If the path I had been walking, the career I had built for myself no longer satisfied me... what on earth was I going to do?!

My only answer was go back to the beginning and reconnect to what lit me up in the first place. And I discovered that being surrounded by people, connecting with them and helping them grow had always been the part I enjoyed the most of going to an office. 

I have always felt a passion for helping people. A passion that led me to learn and understand more about how to work with our brains, our bodies, to help us move forward.  Over the course of the past 8 years, I have spent more time engaging that enthusiasm and learning what motivates people and makes them happy.

I began my journey into Well-being by following a coaching course and emerging a very proud accredited IAPC&M Coach in 2016. I further expanded my own knowledge and have studied:

  • Science of Well-being at the University of Yale (Coursera platform)

  • Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania (Coursera platform)

  • Happiness principles for optimal living (The Happy Course) with The Happiness Research Institute

  • Power of Embodied Presence with some of the leading coaches in the field, including Richard Strozzi from the Strozzi institute

  • TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (RQF)

I have also learnt along the way that, as much as I wanted to ignore all those signals, I knew way earlier than I care to admit, that I was unhappy, unsatisfied and should have taken steps earlier to make things better. 

Easy for me to say when looking back - not easy, at all, to make that call when I was in the midst of it all. 

And this is why I am sharing all this with you today, because

the way you feel right now doesn't have to be the way you feel forever.

Sometimes all it takes is allowing yourself the benefit of seeking support, of allowing yourself to accept that you don't have to do it alone, and grab that helping hand to carry you forward. 

I'll be happy to lend you mine. 

With love, and kindness


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