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Inspired Living Retreats

Unique experiences in wonderful settings around the world. 

My retreats are designed to provide a safe space where attendees can explore and get curious about what lights them up.

Partnering with multi-disciplinary experts, we work together aligning mind - body - soul to help you unlock your inner power and move past blocks that may be holding you up.​

We give space for growth, development, reflection and connection... and all in beautiful surrounded by nature backdrops. 

Check out my upcoming ones!


Andalucia Retreat

Create & Inspire - June 3rd - 6th 2024

Our Andalusian retreat is the perfect space to nourish your soul, to feel supported and encouraged to listen to your inner teacher. Set in amongst magnificent mountains, Casa Libélula offers a relaxing, vibrant environment to discover and re-connect to what lights you up.

A safe haven of care, energy and like minded people to lift your spirits and spark your creativity. Surrounded by nature and connecting with one another, we offer the best-in-class support through yoga and interactive coaching workshops.

Ibiza Retreat

Awaken Your Inner Power - September 21st - 25th 2024 

An oasis of serenity in the Mediterranean!


Nestled in the picturesque southwest of Ibiza, The Retreat House serves as an idyllic setting for our Awaken Your Inner Power retreat.

4-days of connection in stunning nature, is our boutique offering of our signature retreat, back with interactive coaching workshops, movement in nature and yoga sessions. 

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Marrakesh Retreat

Awaken Your Inner Power - May 10th - 15th 2025

Our home for the past 3 years, El Goute is a magical villa in charming Marrakesh. 

Over the course of 5-days we will help you take the time to connect to your inner strengths and what is holding you back from enjoying and creating the life you most want to live.

With the most glorious views of the Atlas Mountains, the villa is situated in the countryside within its own 7 1⁄2 acre plot.

A large, traditional Moorish style single storey property offers a relaxed ambience and the perfect opportunity to disconnect, re-connect and relax.

Feel refreshed, empowered and connected. Awaken Your Inner Power offers coaching workshops, movement in nature and daily yoga sessions. 

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