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Inspired Living Workshops

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Inspired Living Workshops - What to expect?

My workshops are designed to help you understand how to harness your inner power so that you can create a life you feel happier to live. 

I combine my learnings in Positive Psychology, Science of Wellbeing, Embodied Transformation and Counselling Skills with practical exercises to help you navigate the challenges of daily living.  

Designed to find the inspiration, motivation and resources that will enable you to move forward in the best possible way. 

I create safe environments for you to thrive and revive in life, whether it is us meeting in person (if you are local to Rutland area!) or online. 

In these experiences we look at:

  • Mindset

  • Beliefs

  • Science of Happiness, Positive Psychology learnings

  • Practical exercises to help you move on and move forwards

  • Understanding yourself better

  • Discover your skills and strengths

  • Feel inspired, motivated and empowered

Join a group of like-minded people for a session of curiosity, exploration and development. 

Upcoming Workshops

Senior Businessman

COMING SOON - Inspired Living Workshop

Exciting spaces and like-minded people await you. 

Venue and dates will be revealed soon! 

In the meantime, why not registering your interest? Save your space below.

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