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Love your Mondays

Bold statement, I know. But that is, in a nutshell, what I can support you with: look forward to wake up on a Monday morning. 

How? Because life won't feel a struggle anymore. 


It's Sunday evening, you look at your work email (you know you do), only to find out hundreds of emails landing on your inbox - at least half of them with an "urgent" flag, meeting requests - back-to-back, sick requests incoming... and the urge to cover yourself with your duvet never to reappear back in society creeping in. 

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. 

And so did the clients I work with. 

Struggling. Stuck. Lost. Fearful. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Blocked. Lacking Confidence. 

These were words my clients used to use, ways of expressing how they felt and were experiencing and they hoped to leave behind.  

Space. Energy. Focus. Motivation. Judgement free. Empowered. Growth. Know myself better.

These were the words my clients used when describing how they wanted to feel, and how they said they felt after our work together.

The question is: what would it mean for you to wake up and feel excited about the day ahead? And to know that you have all the tools and resources to do so on a daily basis?

Shall we find out?

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I am a People Enthusiast, an enthusiasm that led me to study what motivates and make individuals happy through my learnings in Positive Psychology, Science of Wellbeing, Happiness and the Power of Presence to help people live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Since 2016, I've empowered clients from Netflix, Disney, Universal Pictures, and many others to transform their lives. Through private coaching, Ted-style talks, workshops, and retreats, I've guided hundreds to create a life they're genuinely excited about. 

I provide a safe for my clients to explore once more what lights them up and brings them joy, enabling them to build the foundations of a meaningful and fulfilled life, where they no longer live looking forward to the weekend, or the next holiday...but  where, when the next Monday comes around, they feel empowered, motivated and willing. Because their lives are no longer a struggle. 

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I offer a variety of programmes and experiences. From bespoke 1:1 coaching sessions, to retreats & experiences. 

All information and details can be found on the Work With Me page, and below are links to some of my most popular packages. 

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