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Level Up Course

6-module course designed in partnership with coach Fleur Prime. 

We all struggle in at least one area of our lives
The key is to understand your mind and body better to live a happier and fulfilled life.
This is what Level Up does! You'll learn from the latest Neuroscience of Change, Positive Psychology, Science of Wellbeing, Power of Embodied transformation and health optimisation to help you move from surviving to thriving.
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What is Level Up?

A course designed to help individuals better understand their brain, body and how they could be unconsciously holding them back and preventing them from thriving in their careers and life.

Based on proven science learnings and tools that work, this course has helped hundreds of individuals and companies discover their abilities and unique strengths, maximise their potential, increase their confidence and level up in a way that positively impacts their lives, both personally and professionally.​


Through these sessions you will learn to take conscious action to create a happier, more fulfilling life and use your inner strengths for a better life at home and work.

What will I learn?

Put simply, to know yourself better. 

Where you are currently at in different areas of your life.

Where you want to be.

Why you want to be there.

How to achieve what you really want.

You see? most of us go through life on autopilot, doing what we "must" do, but not necessarily what we want to do... Learning who you truly are, what energises you, fills you with energy and motivation will help you take the steps needed in order to create a life you're excited to live. 

Our course breaks down these steps (these learnings) into 6 learning modules:


Step into your own greatness

The Neuroscience of change - How can getting your mind and body on your side help you.

Learn to understand your mind, body and spirit and how best to work with them to obtain optimal results.


Connecting to who and where you are

Living in alignment - Without being oriented to your true values and passions, things just seem flat. Learn to understand yourself better: your why, your values, what matters the most to you.


What can and can't be controlled

Learn to raise your awareness and choosing more empowering behaviours. The victim and victor mindset and how you can be more victorious.


Developing our superpowers

Building your confidence - work with your body and mind to unlock your inner strength. Learn about confidence, character strengths, and the 4 pillars for sustained health.


Maintaining peace, clarity and joy whilst thriving

Learn about how to tap onto your inner wisdom to create a happier, healthier way of living. The ego thoughts and limiting beliefs and how it holds you back.


Make it happen and keep it happening

Learn to understand how to actively create the life you are after, a roadmap to your personal & professional success. Learn to form new habits and a new identity that supports the life you are after

What does it include?

What do you get as part of the course?

  • Over 5 hours of online teaching sessions: 6 Self-paced learning modules with content expertly curated by professionals. 6 sessions packed with insights and teachings from the wellbeing leading experts, you'll learn the latest concepts from Neuroscience of Change, Positive Psychology, Embodied Transformation and optimal wellbeing to help you better understand your body and mind and how to work with them to create a better life, at home and at work.

  • Over 32 hours of expert designed activities: A vast library of resources with tools and activities designed to help you discover more about yourself and how to create a more fulfilling, happier life.

  • Quality coaching: We are registered with one of the leading coaching bodies, IAPC&M, which ensures all accredited practitioners demonstrate they have the highest levels of professional standards (and capability) in the industry. 

How much does it cost and when does it begin?

The course is available to you for only £97!! 

We believe in the power of helping one another, and we have seen time and time again the positivity impact Level Up has had in our clients (watch and read the reviews below to see how it helped them!), so we made it our mission to make it as accessible as possible to help many, many more impact their lives in such way. 

When does it begin? anytime! Just click the button below to enrol. 

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Our method

Engage, Educate and Empower, moving you from surviving to thriving.


Our course is expertly designed based on principles of how people learn best: a mix of practical exercises and educating to benefit all learning styles. This enables people not just to learn but integrate the learning to help change be made.


A combination of science-backed learning with down-to-earth exploratory exercises will have you understanding and experiencing how to work best with your brain and body to efficiently impact your behaviour and increase your motivation and energy.



We connect, motivate and inspire you to thrive.

We show you the tools and techniques that will enable you to take ownership of your own journey.

Ever heard of the phrase “don't give a man fish rather teach him how to fish by himself”? – this is exactly what we do, we take you on a learning and experiential journey that will allow you to become confident and curious in embracing your own potential, motivated and energised to build your own paths, growing and developing your best self.

What our clients say

About Fleur Prime

With over 20 years’ experience in education and leading educators and as a qualified life coach, Fleur Prime is a highly skilled expert offering a transformational set of services. By blending her teaching skills with Holistic Psychology, Health Optimisation, Coaching Leaders, Embodied Transformation and Neuroscience of Change, Fleur has created a truly unique coaching offering which delivers remarkable results. Fleur’s work is rooted in science and behaviour change which she pairs with her unique gifts of empathy and deep intuition. By helping people rebuild the relationship they have with themselves she is helping people to lead a happier more fulfilled life.


Fleur works with a variety of people including Adults, Teenagers and Children. Whether you are a CEO or Entrepreneur looking for guidance to reduce stress and increase productivity or a Woman who may have lost themselves Fleur is here to support you. As a Mum of three, Fleur is finely tuned into the complexities and pressures modern day lives brings to the youth of today and she offers a special set of services to help struggling Children and Teenagers and their families.

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