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Level Up

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Level Up is a 6-module course designed to help individuals better understand their brain, body and how they could be unconsciously holding them back and preventing them from thriving in their careers and life. Based on proven science learnings and tools that work, this course has helped hundreds of individuals and companies discover their abilities and unique strengths, maximise their potential, increase their confidence and level up in a way that positively impacts their lives, both personally and professionally. Through these sessions you will learn to take conscious action to create a happier, more fulfilling life and use your inner strengths for a better life at home and work. Module description: 01. Step into your own greatness The Neuroscience of change - How can getting your mind and body on your side help you. Learn to understand your mind, body and spirit and how best to work with them to obtain optimal results. 02. Connecting to who and where you are Living in alignment - Without being oriented to your true values and passions, things just seem flat. Learn to understand yourself better: your why, your values, what matters the most to you. 03. What can and can’t be controlled Learn to raise your awareness and choosing more empowering behaviours. The victim and victor mindset and how you can be more victorious. 04. Developing our superpowers Building your confidence - work with your body and mind to unlock your inner strength. Learn about confidence, character strengths, and the 4 pillars for sustained health. 05. Maintaining peace, clarity and joy whilst thriving Learn about how to tap onto your inner wisdom to create a happier, healthier way of living. The ego thoughts and limiting beliefs and how it holds you back. 06. Make it happen and keep it happening Learn to understand how to actively create the life you are after, a roadmap to your personal & professional success. Learn to form new habits and a new identity that supports the life you are

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